Jersey Jo's


What Sets us Apart?

At Jersey Jo's we set out to give our customers Something More and Something Different than they Expect! From the minute you Enter Our Establishment, you Know that you are not in the 'Same Old' type of restaurant. With our Vivid decor, Hip-Hop, R&B music playing and people Greeting you as you enter the door,  we try to make you feel WELCOME!


The components of Authentic Cheesesteak are simple but very important! Start first with a Amoroso's Hearth -Baked Hoagie Roll, add Provolone or Cheddar Cheese and fill it with a Generous portion of  Thinly Sliced Steak or Thinly Sliced Chicken Breast and There You Go!

Our Food

Please Let us know about your visit or anything you would like us to know.

We are located at:

3462 55th St NW Suite 100

Rochester, MN 55902

Contact Us at (507)258-2084

Normal Hours:

Monday - Saturday 11pm-9pm 

CLOSED on Sunday.

Special Hours:   Jersey Jo's NW will close at  the 5 PM starting the week of July 8th to participate in local fairs.  We apologize for the inconvenience.    The SW location will remain open during normal business hours.